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Research confirms the traumatic effect it has on children, by separating children from the family. Often families that can work very well with completely different means of action, than the separation that is being applied to the child.

The emotional trauma caused by this policy is a harm to the children mentally – an injury that later often becomes very costly for society to remedy mental damage that lasts life.

Serious mental stress causes injury; serious anxiety, depression and PTSD are common when children are divorced from their families.

The ability to sound and safe emotional behavior and thoughts is disturbed. Being seperated from the family, and thus not knowing when to see them again – is a serious psychological stress factor. Have you ever lost an overview of where a child in your care is? Imagine the 15-20 seconds the child is out of your sight in a mall or another public place – think about the acute fear you experienced in these moments. Then multiply and expand this to something lasting for days, weeks, months – maybe even longer.
The truth is that this Norwegian policy approves the kidnapping and traumatization of children. The policy has led to children being treated as lifeless possessions – as we have often seen The US system treats children and young people. The United States is one of the last countries that have not yet ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child – children and young people are still regarded as belongings and not as independent individuals in independent rights.

This is also happening in Norway, even though the state has signed and ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child – that children and young people are treated as assets (an item if desired) and the state is responsible for this. This is done through the government-controlled child welfare (CPS) – the practitioners are then the municipal and county municipalities spread across the country. Fortunately, some such departments have started to look and act differently compared to children and young people, but there is still a long way left for most of the departments too.

This happening in Norway is not only shameful, it is also criminal. Some political parties talk about “family values”, but at the same time they support this violent, inhuman and incomprehensible policy – with daily violations of children’s individual rights under the child convention. A convention Norway as a state has signed and ratified.

The many children and young people exposed can reasonably be compared with detention camps from previous history, or even as Norway as a state treated the Sami people before – with a system that would eradicate Sami’s language and culture. Today, children and adolescents are placed in an emotional prison, by the State Child Welfare (CPS) – in an attempt to remove the children or young people from their own family, and especially the children and the young people’s own feelings.

Knowing that some children and young people have to be separated from their families as a result of physical and / or psychological abuse – but these really constitute only a very small fraction of those today separated from their families. A victim of physical or mental abuse shall not have to deal with the person or persons who have exposed him to mental or physical abuse in the daily life. The degree of abuse will of course play a major role, there is a difference between an ear slapping and rape.

In approx. one month it’s time for what I call “lying week” – other calle it Arendalsuka. The week politicians, interest organizations etc. gather in Arendal – with stand, appeal etc. Many speak so well and well, but in reality it’s all a play. Something that builds on the false hopes given to the audience, through the talks held, the words spoken etc. – for what is always missing in retrospect is action. And so it has been through so many years now, it speaks, it is being discussed – but nothing happens, more and more children and young people’s rights are trampled on.

I wish and would like to believe that this is not the way we are – I really want to do better than this, than it is now. Through compassion and decency, and with respect for the children and the young people’s individual rights.

A change of both thought and system, for children and young people’s rights. Helping the children and the young people – helping families and communities.

But fear is still greater than hope …..

The children and the young people’s individual rights must come in front of the system, the family and the adults in need of control, power and those who only see children and the young people as property.


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